East High School offers mental health counseling the day after lockdown, unfounded threat

The classrooms at East High School were closed on Tuesday, the day after all students were evacuated in what would be determined to be an unfounded threat.

All in-person classes were called off Tuesday, with mental health counseling available for those who wanted it. 

On Monday, nerves were rattled and police swarmed the scene. Fortunately, it turned out to be a false report of a person with a gun.

East High School in Denver 


Sophomore Sarun Hoefer was one of those who was worried, “For some reason, I was expecting to hear gunshots it’s been happening so much you don’t know how to react in these situations anymore you don’t  know  if we have to fear for our lives or our safety.”

It was two weeks ago East High freshman RJ Harding, an innocent bystander was shot outside the nearby outside the Carla Madison Recreation Center. Two teens were later arrested.

Sam McNab another East Student was close by, “That’s also scary because I was at the Carla Madison when it happened. A bunch of kids rushed over and it can be scarring for kids.”

Copter4 flew over East High School after students were evacuated. 


Parents Jason Lewiston has a daughter at East and is concerned that the Denver School Board pulled Denver police officers out of the schools.

“I would like the police officers to return here and I think it was a terrible mistake to remove them from the schools last year.”

The Denver School Board previously had voted to remove all Denver police officers from the schools. There are DPS Department of Public Safety Campus Safety Officers in all middle and high schools.

At East, it was a false alarm, but at Adams City High School, on the same day a lockdown there as a real gun was found and a student was taken into custody.


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