Hawaii Federal Credit Union Offers Financial Counseling

Honolulu (KHON2) – Hawaii Federal Credit Union (FCU) discusses with new and existing clients about the necessity of financial counseling and how to work through financial hardships.

According to the Hawaii Federal Credit Union, financial counseling is the process of working with a financial counselor and educator to help individuals and families along a spectrum of knowledge through behavior adjustments with the hope of referring them to an investment advisor or financial planner.

“Almost everyone needs financial counseling at some point in their lives, but most don’t know where to turn or they don’t know what kind of help they need. We cover elements like budget, credit, debt and financial planning,” says Debra Nelson-Keli’i, Vice-President of Community Development at Hawaii FCU.

According Nelson-Keli’i, financial planning  is good to get the entire family involved.  

Nelson-Keli’i says “Financial counseling helps teach children what to avoid in their futures and makes them a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.”

The goal of Hawaii FCU is to help people take away skills they can use for their lifetime. 

“Hawaii Federal Credit Union currently has 7 certified financial counselors, and we have an additional 5 in training.  Our financial counselors work in different departments and bring their years of expertise to helping our members reach their long- or short-term goals and objectives,” says Nelson-Keli’i.

Consumers can call (808) 847-1371 ext. 4208 to schedule an appointment to talk with a financial counselor. 

Hawaii Federal Credit Union (FCU):

Website:  www.hawaiifcu.org


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