Impact on students on the deferment of NEET PG 2022 Counseling…

The NEET PG Counseling 2022 for the postgraduate admission courses has been postponed from the original date which was September 1 to September 19. The NEET PG counseling 2022 has been postponed and is now likely to be held after September 15 with a larger number of seats.

The ministry has not yet disclosed the new date, but according to the official sources the NEET PG counseling 2022 will commence after or on September 15. This delay in the process will cause various consequences such as it will lead to the delay in the beginning of the session, the classes of the batch will not commence timely, this will cause a state of depression & anxiety for the doctor’s batch and the most important thing which should be kept in mind that the time will be less for the batch which is ready for 2023.The increasing number of seats for the candidates has resulted in delay in counseling and hence it will also help in grooming of the candidates mentally.

Generally, the NEET PG counseling occurs around the month of March, but due to COVID-19 and last year’s delayed application ,the process of counseling got delayed , which will or has created a dilemma situation as the doctors are confused and worried about the careless behavior of National Medical Committee (NMC),but due to delay in the process of counseling, the number of seats are increasing gradually. Doctors are worried about the precious future of the candidates, which has led to development of anger issues among the doctors and their daily routine is disturbed due to this irregularity.

The revised announcement regarding the process of counseling of NEET PG 2022 that it will be held on or after September 15 can be beneficial as it will upgrade the MSMD seats.

According to Gaurav Tyagi, a renowned medical counselor and founder of Career Xpert “Session will commence late as the counseling is being delayed, and the next batch for 2023 and NEET PG 2023 exam will be soon and more delay in the process of counseling will majorly impact it. The three year curriculum will be disturbed and the students will be panicked and the batch of doctors are facing anger issues and disturbed routine. This decision has to be finalized till September 19 or else more delay will arise various consequences & this will only be beneficial as the seats of MSMD seats will be upgraded till September 15. The decision whether the NMC bill will be implemented or not is also a dilemma.”


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