6 High-Quality Affordable Therapy Options To Fit Any Budget

Manatee is a 100% virtual mental health app designed to support families with evidence-based, research-backed skills for happier, healthier relationships. The platform offers a rich library for your family to use: a Chatbot with interactive exercises rooted in CBT, daily journaling prompts for children to jot down their feelings, check-ins to evaluate progress, six weeks of self-guided lessons, and a goal/reward system to track successes. 

To begin, families book a free consultation and then schedule an intake session to create a six-week care plan accompanied by weekly coaching sessions from the Manatee app. The platform has a clean interface and comes advertisement-free, so your family can focus on the resources alone. Manatee’s services are comprehensive and tailored for ages 0 to 18 to work with everything relating to relationships, grief and moodiness, fears and self-esteem, and tough behaviors.

Trial period: Free 20- to 30-minute consult to ensure it’s a good fit 

Price: Family and parent intake session for 6-week plan $175, group sessions $99 per month, therapy session $135 with discounted packages available 

What customers say: 90% of Manatee families see clinical improvements after 6 weeks 

4.9 out of 5 for Apple, 4.5 out of 5 for Android 

“Therapy made a big difference for us. I realized I need to be the one in charge, so my daughter feels safe again. Over the past year, my daughter has been pulling away, spending lots of time alone in her room, but since we started with Manatee, she’s way more social and enjoys her time with our family a lot more. Manatee in 3 words? Simple, effective, easy.”


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