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If you’re wondering if knee braces can help prevent knee surgery, the answer is yes … if it is a specific type of brace.

Certainly there are times when the use of a brace alone is not enough to help you avoid having a knee surgery, but many times it can be, especially when used in conjunction with physical therapy.

Have one or both of your knees been hurting for some time now? Do you have knee pain with every step you take, sometimes causing you to limp? Does your knee pain affect your ability to climb up or down stairs? Are your painful knees keeping you from your favorite activities? Does your knee pain limit your ability to play with your children or grandchildren? Are you bow-legged or knock-kneed?

If this sounds like the reality you’ve been facing lately, there is a way to resolve your knee pain and get back to the activities you love without surgery, medication or injections.

Knee arthritis is usually the cause of your knee pain as you age and is usually located either on the inside or outside of your knee. The pain on the inside or outside of your knee is because there is too much pressure or compression at the joint in the area you are having pain.

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When the compression on your knee joint is decreased, so is your pain. Amazingly, your ability to walk, climb stairs and perform activities that you love return!

So how can you get rid of your knee pain?

There is new technology that involves the use of a streamlined knee brace that unloads the compression from the inside/outside of your knee joint, depending on where your pain is.

This knee brace is called the “Game Changer.” Many times this brace can significantly resolve your pain, allowing you to increase your activity level significantly. Some patients require use of the Game Changer brace and physical therapy in order to reduce swelling and pain, as well as to increase strength, restore range of motion in the knee and to be taught how to walk again without limping once the pain is no longer present.

The expert physical therapists at Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy are skilled in the fitting of the “Game Changer” knee un-loader brace.

Are you ready to get your life back? Then call us today at 717-245-0400 to schedule your free screen to see if the Game Changer brace is right for you.

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