Rachel Francine, CEO of SingFit: A Music Therapy Platform That Can Benefit Millions

Music therapy has been around for years, however, there is still a major shortage of professionals in the field. An award-winning service called SingFit is hoping to combat that shortage.

Through its cutting-edge technology, SingFit engages dementia patients with music from their youth (known as the reminiscence bump) and encourages them to sing along by prompting listeners with the lyrics. This method, versus a more passive approach, is proven to improve memory recall and the ability to communicate at a much higher level. It’s currently being used by nearly 500 facilities in the U.S. from elder care homes to day programs for individuals with cognitive brain issues. Now there’s an at-home platform called SingFit STUDIO Caregiver which will assist millions of unpaid caregivers tending to their loved ones by providing a user-friendly interface for non-trained practitioners.

DocWire News spoke with Rachel Francine, Founder & CEO of SingFit, to learn more about the company and its exciting potential.


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