Take Action Counseling Teams Up With Mother Nature For Outdoor Therapy For Men

Charlotte Outdoor Therapy Aims To Bring Men In Touch With Their Feelings

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Most therapy sessions occur behind closed doors in a stuffy office. Founder and therapist Josh Gorelick of Take Action utilizes a 28-acre nonprofit wellness and nature park for men to help explore their feelings in an outdoor setting.

“Clients will sit down and sigh, and that moment is it. That’s why we do it this way, I call nature my co-therapist.”, says Gorelick.

According to the suicide awareness voices of education, one male dies by suicide every 14 minutes. Gorelick says he’s not surprised by the statistics, and says there’s a shift in mental psyche once males hit puberty that put pressure on men to act more tough and bottle up feelings instead of tackling mental health and recognizing it’s ok to be vulnerable and talk about your feelings.

“We start to see societal messages of what it means to be a man and the results of those messages is to stay to yourself. We need to be sending the message to men that it’s ok to not be ok, it’s ok to need help.”, says Gorelick.

For more information on setting up a session with Josh Gorelick, visit www.takeactioncounseling.com



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