‘Trauma Therapy’ Is Back In Session, Begins Shooting in Scotland

A sequel to the 2019 thriller ‘Trauma Therapy’ commences shooting in Scotland.

A group of broken souls attends a self-help retreat that begins to unravel with deadly consequences in Trauma Therapy: Psychosis, the sequel to the horror/thriller from 2019.   Hannah New (Black Sails) stars with Tom Malloy (#Screamers) and David Josh Lawrence (Ask Me to Dance). 

Tobin Vance (Malloy) is a self-help guru who has been exiled overseas as the feds move in on his US operation. So, he forms another self-help retreat in the remote outskirts of Kirkcaldy, Scotland. There, his assistant Elizabeth (New), along with former student John (Lawrence) recruit a new group of lost souls for a four-day retreat to solve their problems.  But as the retreat gets more and more extreme, the group begins to fear that they may not survive. 

The ensemble cast features Courtney Warner (Ask Me to Dance), Megan Tremethick (Dragon Knight), Jamie Scott Gordon (The Unkindness of Ravens), Gordon Holiday (The Devil’s Machine), and Craig J. Seath (Skinjacker). Lawrie Brewster (The Devil’s Machine) directs from a script by Malloy and Lawrence. Charlie Shrem and Sean King produce along with Hex Studios and Trick Candle Productions. 

Trauma Therapy: Psychosis is being shot on location at Hex Studios in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, UK.

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