Ways to build self-trust: Therapist shares tips

Trust forms the foundation block of any relationship. Whether it is a family, or friendship or a love relationship. Trust is important and a mandatory emotion that stabilises the relationship. However. When it comes to ourselves, we need to keep the trust. Only then, we will be secure enough emotionally to take an adult relationship forward. Self-trust is extremely important as it helps in keeping the strength and confidence in ourselves. It also helps us to lean on ourselves and take up responsibilities, knowing that we are mentally, physically and emotionally equipped to take it up. However, sometimes it is natural to feel the lack of trust in ourselves. Addressing this, marriage and Family Therapist Emily H Sanders wrote, “A lack of trust in ourselves is very detrimental- self-trust acts as an anchor in life. It’s a painful place to be, so kindness for self is extra important in these spaces while you heal.”

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Emily further noted down a few ways to build self-trust:

Emotions: Knowing, being aware and respecting the emotions that we feel can be one of the first steps of building self-trust.

Thoughts: While it is important that we learn and accept the thoughts of others, we must be secure of our own thoughts and create a safe space for them.

Healthy habits: The habits and the way we live our life also have a huge effect on us and the trust we have on us.

Goals: The goals we set should be humane, small and achievable. Only then we will have the confidence to achieve more.

Values: The values and our ethics should be in line with the choices we make in life.

Boundaries: Setting boundaries for ourselves is extremely important. It will help us to respect the restrictions, and also respect the boundaries of others.

Speaking kindly: Speaking with kindness and validating the difficult emotions that we are feeling can be a way of building self-trust.

Vulnerability: Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. Being comfortable in being vulnerable and keeping the promises that we make to ourselves is important.


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